General Rules & Regulations

General Rules & Regulations

  1. Each trainee must have a copy of the handbook, read and note its contents and bring it daily to class. The trainee’s handbook must be perused regularly by the Parents/Guardians, so as to be conversant and in touch with his performance in the Institute. Loss of handbook constitutes a serious offence and must be replaced immediately on payment of a fine. Trainee losing the Handbook a second time during the course will be liable to summary dismissal.
  2. At the appropriate place, the signature of the Parent/Guardian, who will sign all communications to and from the Institute, should be affixed. This should be the same as the one furnished in the Admission and Declaration Forms. Any change in the person authorised to sign all correspondence to and from the Institute must be communicated in advance to the Institute authorities by the signatory.
  3. Report and all remarks made in the handbook should be countersigned by the authorized signatory. The trainee should then show the same to the Instructor concerned. This should be done on the very next day of the report or of the remarks made.
  4. The academic year of the Institute commences in August and ends in July.
  5. The Institute hours are from 7.55 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. and from 1:15 p.m. to 4.45 p.m.
  6. Each day begins with the assembly of trainees and staff. All must be in the Institute premises on time and cannot leave the premises without the permission of the concerned authority.
a) Practical Instructions 28 hrs per week
b) Theoretical Instructions 12 hrs per week
  i)   Trade Theory 2 hrs per week
  ii)  Workshop Science & Calculations 2 hrs per week
  iii) Engineering Drawing 4 hrs per week
  iv) Entrepreneurship Training, Soft Skill Employability Skills & Communication Skill 4 hrs per week
c) Extra-curricular activities; Computer Skills 2 hrs per week


  1. Absentees must bring a written justification in the prescribed leave form and report to the Principal before the assembly. A doctor’s certificate must be produced in case of absence due to sickness for two days and more.
  2. Leave, must be obtained by prior application in writing from Parents or Guardians on the prescribed leave application. Parents must check truancy.
  3. Late comers should get the necessary sanction noted in their handbook and report to the Principal before entering the workshop or class.
  4. Irregular attendance, late coming, habitual idleness, disobedience or misconduct justifies serious action and even dismissal at any time of the year.
  5. a) The minimum compulsory attendance for trainees in regard to their eligibility for the final trade test has been fixed at 80 percent for I.T.I. trainees and 85 percent for one year and Private course trainees, of the actual number of working days.

b) For the purpose of calculating 85 percent of the actual number of working days in respect of a trainee, the number taken will be the number of days for which attendance was marked in the attendance register during the period between the day of his admission and the date of the beginning of the trade test.

  1. a) Trainees who are absent for 5 days or more without telephonic information or written permission and those trainees who according to the Institute authorities do not show adequate interest/progress in their work and duties are liable to be struck of the rolls and forfeit their deposit.

b) Those trainees who remain absent before and after the weekend holiday and those who report late after any extended holiday which is given gratuitously, will be marked absent for the period of holidays.

  1. Trainees who remain absent at the examination for any reason will be considered as failed. Trainees who fail in two consecutive quarterly examinations are liable for disciplinary action or suspension not exceeding 15 days. Should they yet fail in the third consecutive quarterly examination, they can be dismissed from the Institute. The Institute will not hold itself responsible for the consequence of any communication missed during the time of suspension.
  2. Every trainee MUST carry the Identity card to the Institute daily failing, which he may not be permitted to enter the premises. Similarly, no trainee will be permitted to the examination hall without a valid Identity Card.
  3. There will be silence in those places where all assemble for study, class, work, assembly hall or wash places.
  4. In the interest of individual and general safety trainees are cautioned not to touch, operate or use any tools, equipment or machinery without adequate knowledge, guidance and permission.
  5. The equipment entrusted to the trainees must be treated with care and consideration. Trainees must indemnify the Institute for breakage, damage or loss. This amount will be deducted from their deposit. In case the damage exceeds the deposit, a new deposit will have to be paid.
  6. No books, newspapers, periodicals, mobile phones/gadgets or any other articles, which are not prescribed for training, may be brought to the Institute. Any report observed or objectionable conduct of the trainee out of the Institute shall make him liable for disciplinary action.
  7. The use of Mobile phones in classrooms and workshops are prohibited. Any report observed or objectionable conduct of the trainee out of the Institute shall make him liable for disciplinary action.
  8. Consumption of alcohol, tobacco products (cigarettes, gutka, paan, supari, etc.) and drugs is strictly prohibited and punishable.
  9. FEE: Fees to be inquired at DBITI Office.

Contingency fees may be collected during the course. Additional fees will be collected for allied courses. 

Foreign students will be charged additional fees.

  1. The original SSC / Last Examination Mark sheet and the School/College Leaving Certificate / Residential Proof / Current Electricity Bill will have to be submitted to the Institute authorities at the time of admission. If it is required in the course of the training period, a suitable declaration and deposit will have to be made before it is handed over to the trainee. The amount of the deposit will be equal to the balance amount of fees for the entire course.
  2. Trainees who leave or who are dismissed before the completion of the course forfeit their deposit and will not be entitled to any certificates.
  3. A trainee joining or leaving the Institute in the middle of the training period shall pay the fees for the entire duration of the course. A trainee wishing to leave the Institute shall give notice in writing to the Principal. No certificates will be returned until all dues to the Institute have been paid and all tools and equipment taken from the Institute returned to the Head of the Department concerned. NO FEES WILL BE REFUNDED.
  4. Trainees coming from financially weak families have to apply for scholarships and concession in fees and maybe considered as per the discretion of the Management.
  5. Any variation required by the Government authorities as regards the I.T.I./M.S.B.V.E.E. trainees will be notified to them from time to time on the Institute notice board. Directives from the Institute authorities also, to all trainees, will be similarly displayed.
  6. Every trainee will provide himself with two sets of uniforms, and a pair of safety shoes as prescribed by the Institute. No trainee will be allowed to work in the workshop / classroom without proper uniform and shoes.
  7. Refund of Security Deposit, if any MUST be collected against return of the receipt of Deposit Money within one month from the date of completion of the course. Refund not collected during the specified time will be forfeited.
  8. Similarly, Original Certificates submitted to the Institute at the time of admission should be collected within one month from the date of completion of the course. The Institute does not hold itself responsible for certificates not collected within the specified period.
  9. Trainees joining the Trade shall not engage himself in other Training/Courses or College.