About Institute Scholarships

Don Bosco Industrial Training Institute (Formally known as St. Joseph Industrial Training Institute), Don Bosco Kurla, was established in the year 1965 with a mission of reaching out to the marginalized & vulnerable group of the society.

Our Institute caters to the families of unskilled / unorganized job market labourers, orphans, single parent, ayahs (maid servant), labourers, waiters, watchmen, auto rickshaw drivers, taxi drivers, road side street vendors, fruit sellers, tailors, road side mechanics, house painters, etc., by admitting their children in varous technical trade courses.

In continuation of its the mission the Institute has taken a leap ahead by offering deserving trainees pursuing technical vocational training with financial assistance in the form of scholarships with help of corporate/Industry partners.

Scholarships awarded (2018-2019) - Rs 11,50,000/-

Sr. No.  Trainee Name Course Admitted In  Amount
1  Panchal Sarvesh Santosh  Motor Mechanic Vehicle 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
2  Akshay Surve  Motor Mechanic Vehicle 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
3  Aakash Shamrao Kadam  Mechanic Motor Vehicle 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
4  Aniket Ashok Rupaye  Mechanic Motor Vehicle 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
5  Tanay Kiran Palghetkar  Mechanic Motor Vehicle 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
6  Neeraj Kumar Jha  Mechanic Motor Vehicle 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
7  Dhiraj Yashwant Ubhe  Mechanic Motor Vehicle 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
8  Shaikh Injemam Ali  Mechanic Motor Vehicle 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
9  Javed Qadri  Machinist 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
10  Khan Mohd Saud  Machinist 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
11  Sandeep Yadav  Machinist 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
12  Kunal Milind Bhingardive  Machinist 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
13  Ashutosh Yogendra Prajapati  Machinist 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
14  Hanok Solomon Teki  Machinist 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
15  Shani Dinesh Jaiswar  Fitter 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
16  Yayant Brajesh Sahu  Fitter 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
17  Akshay Arjun Kadam  Fitter 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
18  Abhay Shankar Shah  Fitter 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
19  Nilesh Narsima Kopula  Fitter 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
20  Mohd Khizer Noorul Haq   Shaikh  Fitter 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
21  Anand Akhilesh Kushwaha  Fitter 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
22  Sidhant   Electronic Mechanic 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
23  Satish Kumar Gupta  Electrician 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
24  Mayur Hanumant  Rajput         Electrician 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
25  Suraj Chimala  Electrician 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
26  Arvind Amarpal   Vishwakarma  Electrician 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
27  Jamshed Khan  Draughtsman Mechanical 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
28  Pranay Magar  Draughtsman Mechanical 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
29  Jadhav Rushikesh  Tanaji  Draughsman Mechanical 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
30  Ansari Zaid   Draughtsman Mechanical 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
31  Rahul Ghansham Sonkar  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning   Technician Rs.20,000/-
32  Rohit Vitthal Dupargude  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning   Technician Rs.20,000/-
33  Shah Sajid Ali Wahid  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning   Technician Rs.20,000/-
34  Khan Gaus Mohd Firoz  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning   Technician Rs.20,000/-
35  Mukesh Kumar  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning   Technician Rs.20,000/-
36  Vishal A. Tandel  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
37  Aniket S. Nair  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
38  Gustin Phillip Fernandes  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
39  Harshad Ravi Gowda  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
40  Rohit Lotan Thakare  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
41  Akshay Eknath Dukare   Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
42  Jamadar Mohseen Ibrahim  Mechanic Auto Paint Repair Rs.20,000/-
43  Shaikh Soeb  Mechanic Auto Paint Repair Rs.20,000/-
44  Aakash Arun Waghmare  Mechanic Auto Body Repair Rs.20,000/-
45  Pawar Prajwal Sunil  Mechanic Auto Body Repair Rs.20,000/-
46  Vimal Sanjay Waghri  Mechanic Auto Body Repair Rs.20,000/-
47  Vedant Dilip Katke   Mechanic Auto Body Repair Rs.20,000/-
48  Anish Hirachandra Patil  Mechanic Two & Three Wheeler Rs.20,000/-
49  Soyab Zubair Ahmed Khan  Mechanic Two & Three Wheeler Rs.20,000/-
50  Allwyn Milagris  Fitter Rs.20,000/-

Scholarships awarded (2019-2020) - Rs 17,25,000/-

Sr. No.  Trainee Name Course Admitted In Amount
1  Kharatmol Vinit Piraji  Draughtsman Mechanic 1st year Rs.25,000/-
2  Gawade Pankaj Sanjay  Draughtsman Mechanic 1st year Rs.25,000/-
3  Waghu Sadique Abdur Rehman  Draughtsman Mechanic 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
4  Sakpal Kaustubh Santosh  Draughtsman Mechanic 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
5  Jena Pramod Chandra Saiba  Draughtsman Mechanic 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
6  Yadav Pankaj Ramnaresh  Draughtsman Mechanic 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
7  Poojary Shailesh Sanjeeva  Electrician 1st year Rs.25,000/-
8  Khan Atikur Rehman Abdul Rehman  Electrician 1st year Rs.25,000/-
9  Satish Ramesh  Electrician 1st year Rs.25,000/-
10  Chauhan Suraj Baburam  Electrician 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
11  Mohammed Jaseem Mohammed   Amjad  Electrician 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
12  Mahadik Swapnil Santosh  Electrician 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
13  Podishetty Jatin Rajesh  Electrician 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
14  Kadam Aniket Anant  Electronic Mechanic 1st year Rs.25,000/-
15  Chauhan Chandan Chandrabhan  Electronic Mechanic 1st year Rs.25,000/-
16  Qadri Junaid Mustafa  Electronic Mechanic 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
17  Nadar Vijay Rajaputran  Electronic Mechanic 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
18  Sawant Niranjan Yashwant  Electronic Mechanic 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
19  Ghoshal Amit Babu  Fitter 1st year Rs.25,000/-
20  Raju Selvan Velayadam  Fitter 1st year Rs.25,000/-
21  Golave Prashant Mohan  Fitter 1st year Rs.25,000/-
22  Nadar Prabhu Sebastian   Devsahayam  Fitter 1st year Rs.25,000/-
23  Kavale Parag Yashwant  Fitter 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
24  Pal Aashish Amarnath  Fitter 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
25  Rajbhar Manish Ramlakhan  Fitter 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
26  Sirsim Vishal Shivaji  Machinist 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
27  Suryawanshi Rajendra Samadhan  Machinist 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
28  Gautam Narendra Kumar Ramkewl  Machinist 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
29  Almeida Gilroy Thomas  Mechanic Motor Vehicle 1st year Rs.25,000/-
30  Waghdhare Harsh Padamakar  Mechanic Motor Vehicle 1st year Rs.25,000/-
31  Bodere Sanket Suresh  Mechanic Motor Vehicle 1st year Rs.25,000/-
32  Valanco Clayton D'silva  Mechanic Motor Vehicle 1st year Rs.25,000/-
33  Gourab S. Sasmal  Mechanic Motor Vehicle 1st year Rs.25,000/-
34  Kotian Satvik Umesh  Mechanic Motor Vehicle 1st year Rs.25,000/-
35  Meldone Fedrick D'souza  Mechanic Motor Vehicle 1st year Rs.25,000/-
36  Hegishte Nikhil Avinash  Mechanic Motor Vehicle 1st year Rs.25,000/-
37  Sharma Ganesh Ramashray  Mechanic Motor Vehicle 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
38  Pradeep Krishnakumar  Mechanic Motor Vehicle 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
39  Singh Deepak Tripurari  Mechanic Motor Vehicle 2nd year Rs.25,000/-
40  Dsouza Kevin Anton  Refrigeration & Airconditioning 1st   year Rs.25,000/-
41  Gupta Kamlesh Kumar   Rakeshchandra  Refrigeration & Airconditioning 1st   year Rs.25,000/-
42  Muhammad Arbaj Lal Muhammad Refrigeration & Airconditioning 1st   year Rs.25,000/-
43  Sarode Ravi Gangadhar  Refrigeration & Airconditioning 1st   year Rs.25,000/-
44  Pawar Satish Purasing  Refrigeration & Airconditioning 1st   year Rs.25,000/-
45  Khan Hafizur Rahman Abdul   Raheman  Refrigeration & Airconditioning 1st   year Rs.25,000/-
46  Mali Viraj Somanath  Mechanic Auto Body Repair Rs.20,000/-
47  Bhavarthe Vikram Ananta  Mechanic Auto Body Repair Rs.20,000/-
48  Gupta Subham Kumar Kanhaiyalal  Mechanic Auto Body Repair Rs.20,000/-
49  Rathod Vijay Amru  Mechanic Auto Body Repair Rs.20,000/-
50  Kadam Rahul Arvind  Mechanic Auto Body Repair Rs.20,000/-
51  Trimukhe Siddhesh Raju  Mechanic Auto Body Repair Rs.20,000/-
52  Amit Hiraman  Naik  Mechanic Auto Body Repair Rs.20,000/-
53  Ansari Saad Mustafa Husain Ansari  Mechanic Auto Paint Repair Rs.20,000/-
54  Dhiraj Chaubey Santosh Kumar  Mechanic Auto Paint Repair Rs.20,000/-
55  Maury Dheeraj Santram  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
56  Reddy Vaibhav Nagesh  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
57  Prajapati Mukesh Kumar Ram Achal  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
58  Verma Sachin Shiv Prasad  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
59  Singh Rohit Pramod  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
60  Venkatesh Pichapillai   Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
61  More Aniruddha Deepak  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
62  Kanar Sushant Deepak  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
63  Shaikh Md Rehan Md Nazim  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
64  Shaikh Nadeem Ali Naseeb Ali  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
65  Asari Yogeshpandi Ramar  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
66  Sayyed Razzaque Tajuddin  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
67  Pal Yogesh Kumar Ramchandra  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
68  Rizvi Mohd Faizal Javed  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
69  Khan Imran Faiyaz  Automobile Mechanic Technician Rs.20,000/-
70  Shitani Bharat Gopal  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning   Technician Rs.20,000/-
71  Shah Gulam Mohd Istiyak Ahmed  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning   Technician Rs.20,000/-
72  Shaikh Yunus Abdul Gaffar  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning   Technician Rs.20,000/-
73  Khan Mohammed Rehan   Mohammed Adnan  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning   Technician Rs.20,000/-
74  Khan Shoib Shahabuddeen  Domestic Wireman Rs.20,000/-
75  Shaikh Ismail Nabi  Domestic Wireman Rs.20,000/-