31 May 2021-Faculty Development Program

It has been long believed that the most important resource that any institution, has is its faculty members who imparts knowledge and skills to trainees & Faculty development programs (FDPs) have proven to be successful for improving teaching skills.

DBITI has organised its first ever online FDP for its 32 teaching staff, in past institute has been organizing the FDPs.But first time ever the online FDP was organized due to pandemic situation from 31st May 2021 to 5th June 2021.

There were 115 participants including six principals of ITIs. The training program was presented and conducted live from Jharkhand Government Tool Room, Ranchi through Mr M K Gupta, the principal and Prof. Raman Ballabh, the resource person. The training program was from 10.00 a m to 12.00 noon every day online for six days.

Fr Davis M J, the provincial of New Delhi province and Mr Ravi Chilokuti, joint director, DGT, were present as special invitees on the inauguration of the program on 31st May 2021. Through their short speeches, they appreciated the effort being made to enhance the teaching competence of the instructors and they encouraged everyone to take full advantage of the training program that is being offered online in this period of lockdown.

The following topics were covered during the FDP.

  • Micro Teaching
  • Effective classroom management
  • Outcome-based education
  • Power of human in teaching
  • presentation skills
  • Industry-academy relationship
  • Workshop and lab teaching skills
  • Online teaching
  • Financial literacy and self-management
  • Instructors’ role in developing the career of the students
  • How to make a personal growth plan
  • Importance of assignments
  • Competency-based approach
  • Quality training

From the feedback received, it was evident that the training program was effective and beneficial to every participant. Each one left at the end of the program with a sense of achievement which will definitely make an impact in their teaching career.

Thanks to Mr Amarr Prabhu, Principal of Don Bosco Kurla and Br Tom C J, Principal of Don Bosco, Okhla, New Delhi, for taking the lead to coordinate and organize the FDP successfully.