Bosco Tech Past Pupil Unit was established in the year 1968 at the end of the scholastic year when the students completed their three-years of training. The Rector at that time was The Late Rev. Fr. Mario Zocchi and the Delegate for the past-pupils was The Late Rev. Bro. Eulalio Vaz, both of whom have contributed much to the growth and organization of the ex-students.

The different persons who were appointed Rectors, were the animators of the past-pupils in chronological order:


  •     * Fr. Mario Zocchi (1965-69),
  •     * Fr. Anthony Alessi (1969-70),
  •     * Fr. John Giacomello (1970-73),
  •     * Fr. Joseph Menezes (1973-75),
  •     * Fr. Victor D’souza (1976-80],
  •     * Fr. Romulus Noronha (1980-83) (1991-93),
  •     * Fr. Vincent Rasquinha (1983-87),
  •     * Fr. Longinus Nazareth (1987-90),
  •     * Fr. Thomas Braganza (1990-91),
  •     * Fr. Colbert da Silva (1993-2000],
  •     * Fr.Jeffrey Fernandes(1999-2006).
  •     * Fr.Adolph Furtado (2006-2015).
  •     * Fr.Leon Cruz (2015-2016).
  •     * Fr.Cyril de Souza (2016-till date).

The present Rector is Fr. Colbert da Silva. The one person who has been the backbone of the activities and the organization of the past pupils from its inception is the late Bro. Eulalio Vaz, who in his long standing service at St. Joseph’s had established a fond rapport with the students. This rapport was bonded in years after they left their Alma Mater. 

The organization of past-pupils has been active in the past and was involved in many a projects like the celebration of the year of the children 1979,the International Youth Year in 1985, and The Night Technical School from 1976-87. This last project has to be discontinued because the purpose for which it was opened was not served.  Over the years the membership has not been as committed as in the past.The only meeting that is held on a regular basis is the Annual Meeting on the 15 of August each year. The present delegate is Rev. Fr. Cyril de Souza. (2016.)