23 Nov 2019-55th Annual Sports Meet

55h Annual Sports Day 2019

The 55th annual sports meet was held on the 23rd November, 2019, at 8:30 am on the grounds of DBCL, Kurla.  It was a day which was looked forward to.  Prior preparation for this was being done for over 2 weeks.  During the mornings everyday the practice of the march past and the lezim were being taken.  The trainees participated voluteerily.  The league matches of football, volley ball, box cricket, kabaddi, kho-kho, tug of war, short put and all the track events like 100 mts and the 4 x 100 mts relay race were also taken.  The finals were to be held on the final day of sports.

The event began at 8:30 am, as suggested.  The dignitaries comprised of Rev Fr Colbert da silva, the chief guest of the day, Mr Vishal Nair, DGM, Daikin India Pvt. Ltd.  The guests of honour were Mr Viraf saher, Mr Kurt Lopes, Past Pupil, MMV Batch 2008 and Bonaventure D’souza, Past pupil of Machinist, Batch 1989 accompanied by Fr Joe Braganza, Executive Director, DBCL, Fr Roy, Administrator, DBCL and our principal Mr Amarr Prabhu entering through the grounds with the rhythm of the lezim played to the beats with their thunderous performances.  The compeer for the day was Master David Arangale from Electronics mechanic Ist year.  After introducing all the dignitaries on the stage who then were seated, he later announced the march past.  The march past was coordinated and synchronised by the baton of Mr Dinesh Mhatre, Instructor for Electronics Mechanic, 2nd year giving the lead.  The chief guest received the salute which was given together by the houses doing the march past respectively.  The entire march past was lead by the Student representative Master Vijay  Nadar followed by the Asst Student representative Shadab Khan.

The torch lighting was done by Master Das Muthuraj (Green House) passed on to various representatives i.e Master Larsen D’souza (Red House), Master Nazeem Patel (Green House), Master Meldone D’souza (Blue House) and Master Ankit Manjere (Yellow House).  After this, the Oath was taken by the ASR, master Valenco D’silva along with the trainees stretching out their right hands, and immediately after this the sports meet was declared open.  The sportsman prayer was read to seek the blessings from the almighty done by Master Bryan Mascarenhas.  After the guests were seated they were presented with mementos. The chief guest was later introduced by master Joshua Ravelli, from the trade of MMV, 1st year, who then took over by speaking to the gathering about the importance of sports and that one should keep playing so that he remains fit and steady.  He threw light on the employment opportunity in our country.  Mr Nair spoke about the apprentice training and boosted the morale and the confidence of the trainees by expressing about their enthusiasm and importance of sports in careers personality development.  He also spoke about his achievement in sport during his school days 

After this the prize distribution was done for the indoor games which were played throughout the month of October, 2019.

The indoor games were for Carrom singles, Carrom doubles, Table tennis, Chess, short put and  Kho – Kho

After the first session of the prize distribution the next half was for the remaining events like:

100 meters finals

Cricket – Blue D v/s Blue C

Football – Green A v/s Blue D

4 x 100 meters House wise Relay.

Volley ball  - Blue D v/s Green B

Tug of War.

Kabaddi – Green House v/s Blue House.

Staff Sports

Mr Rosario Lobo, our instructor for communication skills took over by announcing the next set of prize distribution session which were performed on the 23rd November, 2019.

Rev Fr Colbert da silva was later introduced and he spoke to the gathering.  Fr Colbert gave an example of the gas balloon, wherein he said that these balloons go up only because of air pressure in it, and the size and colour didn’t matter at all. Also he elaborated that our participation is more necessary than the winning of any sport. Rev fr Colbert da silva was then requested to hand over the certificates, medals and trophies to the winners.  The winners for the 100 meters were as follows:

2nd runner up was Master Meldone D’souza from the Blue House

1st runner up was Master Sarvesh Kolhi from the Yellow House

Winner was Master Hrishikesh Gawda from the Green House

For the next category of winners of the 4 x 100meters were as follows:

1st runner up was Yellow House, they were Master Ritesh Pujari, Master Sarvesh Koli, Master Abhishek and Master Aniket and the winners were from the Green House, they were Master Bryan Mascarenhas, Master Hrishikesh Gawda, Master Akash, Master Hritik.

Master Larsen D’souza from the electronics mechanic then introduced the guest of honour Mr Viraf Saher.  Mr Viraf while speaking to the gathering, pointed out about the march past, that he had been the judge and that, as a judge he felt that more punch was required in the march past.  He also congratulated the trainees for their participation and for the successful event.  He was asked to stay back to hand over the prizes and certificates to the winners.  The winners of the volley ball were handed over the certificates.  For this the winners for the Volley ball were Blue ‘D’.  The captain of the team, Master Vikrant Wagh came up to receive the medals and certificates along with his team.  The runners up were Green ‘D’.  The captain of the team Master Hrishikesh Gawda along with his team came up to receive the certificates and the medals.  The best player for Volley ball was Master Rohit Jawaji, from the Blues house. The Kabaddi was played between Green House v/s Blue House and for this the winner was the Blue House.  The best player for Kabaddi sport was Master Vikrant Wagh.

After this the guest of honour Mr Kurt Lopes was introduced by Master Meldone D’souza from the MMV 1st year.  Mr Kurt spoke to  the gathering that he was among the boys here at SJITI, 10 years ago and imagined the immense joy and the feeling to be back and speak here after that. He elaborated that the person who knows how its done and the reason why its done will be the boss.  The person who knows how to do the job will always have a job. He stayed back to hand over the prizes to the winners of the football and the box cricket.  The football was played between the Green ‘A’ v/s Blue ‘D’.  The runners up for the football were Blue ‘D’.  The captain of the team Master Vikrant wagh came up with his team to receive the medals and the certificates.  The winner was the Green ‘A’ for this the captain of the team Master Hrishikesh Gawda along with his team came up to receive the medals and the certificates.  Mr Kurt was then seated till the announcements for the next distribution of prizes were announced.  Mr Lobo, then introduced our guest of honour, Mr Bonavernture D’souza on the dais. Mr Bonaventure spoke to the gathering by saying that, it was only because of sports that he was selected in a big company, where he is still working.  He said that because of sports we easily get an opportunity to work and we should give equal importance to it.  He was asked to stay back and hand over the next set of prizes.  The Staff sports winner was Mr Edmund Becker, instructor for machinist, 1st year and the runners up was Mr Dexter Nunes, instructor for 2 & 3 wheeler one year trade. 

For the Tug of war the winner was Blue House.  Mr Amarr Prabhu then took over by giving away the certificates for the remaining participants who had taken part in the field events.  He announced the winners of the Best House for the March past and the winner was the Green house with 496 points, the second place was scored by the Yellow house with 471 points, the third place was scored by the Red house with 460 points and the fourth place was scored by the Blue house with 454 points. the winner for the Best house was the Blue house  with 580 points and the Best sportsman for the year 2019 was Master Hrishikesh Gawda, from the Green house and Master Vikrant wagh, form the Blue house.  The prizes for the winners were handed over by Fr Colbert  da silva.  Mr Amarr prabhu gave the vote of thanks wherein, he thanked all the participants and the winners for their efforts and hard work.  The overall performance was wonderful.  The event was ended by singing the national anthem along with the guests and the dignitaries.  The day ended well and the efforts proved worth.

On organising the 55th Annual Sports day the trainees got the opportunity to participate and showcase their prowess through their different sports which were presented.

The following skills got developed among the trainees:

  • Team Work
  • Sharing of responsibility
  • Organising the game
  • Conflict management

And overall through organising such events the trainees holistic development takes place.